The provencal flags
In Provence, 2 flags are currently used to symbolise the region. They issue from two families 'coat of arm .

The first is House of Catalogne's arms which governed Provence after Raimond-Berenger III Count of Barcelone in 1125.

His coat is gold with four red pales. The mythical origin of this colors came of an Charlemagne's companion, who put his red blood fingers on his gold shield.

The second house descend of Charles I (1226-1285) count of Anjou, Maine and Provence, king of Sicile, 10th son of king of France Louis VIII and brother of Saint Louis. He married the daughter of count of Barcelone in 1246.

His arms are House of France's arms: gold lys on blue field with a brisure (red label) which indicate a younger family

The seme of lys simplified after to a single flower of lys.

Provence return to France in 1481. Its form a province with a parlement in Aix and a non-hereditary governor named by king of France.

The province was supressed at Revolution (1790) et transformed in 3 départements : Bouches du Rhône, Var and Basses Alpes.

1964, for regionalisation reasons, a new region was made with assemblage of 7 départements. This region was named Provence - Corse - Côte d'Azur.

In yeld to Corse autonomist revendications, this was transformed in region in 1970. The others departements was renamed Provence - Alpes - Côte d'Azur.

The first flag was the map of 6 departements under lines.

In 1997, the  flag of PACA administration is a logo on blue ground with map of the 6 departements under three waves symbole of Méditerranée.

from Pascal VAGNAT

At last, in 1999, the Regional Councel dedicate a flag mixing the pale blood and gold, the eagle of  Nice's country and the dolphin of  Ubaye.